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About Me


Hello, my name is Andrew Jacobsen. Thank you for visiting my website.


Photography has been a passion of mine since I was in high school when I took my first photography class. I soon became a photographer for the school newspaper and also a teaching assistant for the photography course that introduced me to the art. I continued taking courses in photography while in college.


While I was originally introduced to photography through the development of my own prints in black and white photography, when I graduated from college digital photography was starting to gain major traction. Suddenly, development of my photos moved from the darkroom to the computer. Over the years, I’ve gained knowledge in the use of different computer programs to create a final, spectacular image. 


Much of my photography to this point has been in landscape and architectural photography. In the Travel Photography portion of my website, you’ll find photos that I’ve taken overseas to such places as Italy, Paris, London and Israel. You’ll also find photography I’ve done around North America and right here at home in Los Angeles. Many of my travel photos are also available for purchase through my Esty Shop.


More recently, I have become interested in real estate photography and have started shooting homes/condos. Over this time, I’ve developed a method for such photos to produce images that will help home owners and real estate agents sell their listings.


I currently live in Santa Monica, California and work at UCLA.


I hope you enjoy my work and maybe it will serve to inspire you to pick up your camera and explore new places and new things. Thanks for stopping by….

Andrew Jacobsen


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